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So even if you can't afford to own your own horse...
there is a horse here that wants to own a part of your heart!!!

This is your opportunity to experience a new life style, the fascinating world of horses.  

These horses are well fed and cared for but the thing they crave the most is a special
Human to call their own.  Your monthly contribution will pay for their feed but your
personal visits will make their day!



Le Goal





Dustin Hoofman



Active Sponsorship  $250.00 p/month
....just like owning a horse

The horses in this program are all well trained horses who have either been injured or gotten to old to
compete as a show horse.  They may have outlived their performance careers but they have
plenty of life and love left in them.  If you had a horse as a child or you have a child who wants a horse,
this is the affordable alternative to actually owning a horse.

This program's objective, beyond supporting the rescue horses, is to provide you or your child a wholesome, engaging activity that will occupy spare time; giving kids a place to hang out
after school and on weekends, a place to make new friends and make a difference in an animal's life!

You will learn all about the world of horses, their care and training as well as learn to ride properly
with two formal lessons included per month. This non competitive sports activity helps develop balance,
coordination and stamina. It is also an excellent family participation activity. 
Additional riding lessons available, family discounts apply.

We want to be groomed and walked and hear all your secrets.....










Feed Sponsorship $150 per month

The first Saturday of each month from Noon - 2pm is Sponsorship Appreciation Day.
Sponsors are invited to come b
ring the Camera, Carrots and Kids and see
what great work your contributions are supporting!

It costs $150 to feed one horse for one month.
There are many other costs like vet visits, shots, worming, teeth floating, farrier,
fly spray, fly mask, blankets without sponsors we could not take care of these animals.

The horses you will be sponsoring are either too old or too injured to be used as a riding horse;
they are fine for kiddy ride abouts and they love to be groomed and cared for and
they have plenty of love to give in return

So even if you can't afford to own your own horse...
there is a horse here that wants to own a part of your heart!!!